White Wedding Bouquet

A classic white bouquet works well in all seasons and can make a casual wedding graceful and refined. A lovely flower choice for a white wedding bouquet; calla lily, lily of the valley, roses, anemones, white tiger lily, gladiolus, gardenia, stephanotis and freesia.

White signifies purity, innocence, humility and a new beginning, it also depicts faith and is associated with light and is considered the colour of perfection. White flowers are most often used in bridal bouquets along with green leafy foilage. The green colour is very soothing and relaxing, helping the bride with anxiety and nervousness on the most important day of her life, her wedding day.

Here’s the white wedding bouquet :

1. White Wedding Bouquet 1 (wt001), Price Rp. 115.000,-

White Wedding Bouquet 1

2.White Wedding Bouquet 2 (wt002), Price Rp. 125.000,-

hite Wedding Bouquet 2

3.White Wedding Bouquet 3 (wt003), Price Rp. 135.000,-

hite Wedding Bouquet 3

4.White Wedding Bouquet 4 (wt004), Price Rp. 125.000,-

hite Wedding Bouquet 4

5.White Wedding Bouquet 5 (wt005), Price Rp. 145.000,-

hite Wedding Bouquet 5


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